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Products > 3600W Computing Power supply
3600W Computing Power supply
3600W Computing Power supply 3600W Computing Power supply 3600W Computing Power supply
Product name : 3600W Computing Power supply
Product No. : 2024227104014
Color : silver
Input Voltage : 180V-300VAC
Weight : 
Certifications : CE ROHS
Size : 
Interface : 
Operating Temperature : 
Capture Mechanism : 
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Introducing the YTT360014P-LB – a cutting-edge power supply designed for high-performance computing environments. With a wide input voltage range, dual outputs, and advanced protection features, this power supply is tailored for ASIC big computing power servers and industrial equipment where reliability and efficiency are paramount.

Key Features:

Wide Input Voltage Range:

Adaptable to varying power conditions, supporting an input voltage range of 180-300Vac for stability and reliability.
Dual Outputs:

Two outputs cater to different power needs:
Main Output: 3600W
Auxiliary Output: 200W
High Efficiency and Reliability:

Achieve peak efficiency with a remarkable 94%, making it a high-reliability computing power supply for demanding applications.
Forced Air Cooling with Built-in Fan:

A built-in fan ensures efficient forced air cooling, maintaining optimal operating temperatures for sustained performance.
Comprehensive Protection:

Robust protection mechanisms include overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature, safeguarding your equipment and ensuring operational longevity.
RS485 Communication Protocol:

Enhance control and monitoring capabilities with RS485 communication protocol support, facilitating communication and coordination within your system.
Application Scenarios:
Perfectly suited for applications including:

ASIC Big Computing Power Servers
Industrial Equipment
Specification Parameters:

Product Model: TT360014P-LB
Rated Input Voltage: 200-280Vac
Output Voltage:
V1: 11-14Vdc, 260A, 3600W
V2: +12Vdc, 16.5A
Efficiency: 94%
Dimensions (L×W×H): 222×203×52mm
Elevate your computing power infrastructure with the YTT360014P-LB, where dual outputs, high efficiency, and robust protection features converge to meet the demands of your advanced applications.

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